St James – Wyesham


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 Altar flowers for February VAL THOMAS

Brass cleaning R. PATER

Reading for February 10th……Caroline Pearce 17th……Val Thomas 24th…..Janet Mellor

Coffee Morning For February

Saturday 23rd 10AM until 12 am at St. James Church Wyesham.

Wyesham Women’s Guild

Meetings will now be held on the last Wednesday of the month at 2.30pm still at Wyesham Community Hall.

POEM–This Modern Age of Man

An aeroplane just flashes by,
Scarcely a glimpse do we catch in the sky, Cars are speeding on the land,
Motor bikes and lorries on either hand,

Play- stations,TV’S computers and phones, Children don’t often play outside their homes.
Obese adults drive everywhere,

Drug addicts succumb and go into care.

Now in this modern age of man,
Do we forget what GOD began?
The flowers, the animals,the trees, The mountains, valleys, rivers, seas.

Such things as these we can, the create And so, we should appreciate,
Let us enjoy them whilst we can,
In this new modern age of man.

by dear friend – Dorothy Baylis (1938-2018)


The Wye Reaches Benefice