St James – Wyesham


Correspondent: Caroline Pearce tyhupas@aol.com

Altar flowers for May ReneeBrass cleaning Margaret Morris

and Sue Hutchison

Readings for May

5th Marguerite Gordon 12th Jim Cross
19th Liz Hackett Pain 26th Barry or Ruth

St James’ Prayer Meeting on Mondays at Connie’s Woodland View at 2.30pm .

Coffee morning

St James church
25th May 10-12.
Come along, meet
old friends and new,
Raffle and Tombola, Exquisite Homemade Cakes, pies, jams and jellies to buy.

Wyesham Woman’s Guild. Will meet on 29th of May at St James’ Community Hall at 2pm.

Wyesham Knitting /Sewing /Craft Club Come along if you want to learn to knit, sew, crotchet, etc. or if you just want a chat over a cup of tea or coffee – cost £2 for more details 01600 712904.

Friends of Kymin View Drop into the community room at Kymin View School. Any Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday 9am- 10am only 30p a cup.

All welcome – to raise funds for the children of Kymin View,also regular raffles.

Wyesham WI Meet 2nd Monday in the month that’s 13th of May at St James Community Hall.

Visitors and New Members always welcome. For more information 07867992524.

Friends of Chernobyl’s Children Monmouthshire Are an independent charity, who aim to improve the immune systems and general health and wellbeing of children who live in Belarus in the areas most affected by the Chernobyl disaster.

They bring children, accompaniedmby interpreters, to Monmouthshire (Three children are coming to Wyesham) for recuperative visits. The children will stay with host families but attend a centre each day, they receive dental and optical check, enjoy activities and outings and return home after a month with a supply of vitamins and donated clothing as well as many happy memories, if you have any children’s clothes age 5-12 no longer needed please think about donating it to us. Caroline will collect if necessary contact 01600 714603.

Do you believe in food waste? We at Food Box Monmouth don’t. A new initiative that collects surplus edible fresh food from local supermarkets and gives it out to people in need in our community.

The group was started by a few like minded, forward thinking people, whose aim is to stop the vast amounts of food that would otherwise go into the bin and put it into homes who need it.

So far Food Box Monmouth has collected and distributed 11 tonnes of surplus edible food equivalent to 35,000 meals.

People in need can come and collect it from their closest distributor in several areas of Monmouth, or have a delivery to their homes for people who are struggling to get out.

Fruit and veg comes with a small charge,just to cover transport as it comes mostly from Cardiff so a
£2 box is worth over £10 or a 50p bag for a carrier bag, so if you or someone you know could use a little help just check out facebook for notification when food is available in your area. If in Wyesham contact Caroline Pearce on 01600714603 to be put on my list I will deliver as and when.

Wyesham community project Will be having
a wonderful coffee morning on May 21st 9.30am – 11.30am. Raffle and homemade cakes. Everyone welcome.

FitSteps Exciting new classes start 1st of May at St James Community Hall… Sophie Stevens is offering FitSteps F.A.B (for all bodies ) on Wednesday as well as Fridays both classes at 10.15am

Line Dancing As well as New Line Dancing beginner classes at Kymin View Primary school on Thursdays 6.30pm -8am £5 per class.

Off Centre Theatre are organising a Pre-Love Quality Sale Saturday 4th May 11am-3pm at Ty Price Hall. St Thomas’s Sq Monmouth. Admission 50p All proceeds to Children’s Live Disease Foundation and Velindre Cancer Centre.


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