Little Fingers Toddlers Group:

Our Sticky Little Fingers Toddlers Group is back! It is available each Tuesday between 9:30 and 11:00 am. We meet in Whitchurch Primary School and have a room with wonderful equipment, facilities and helpers all reading and waiting for your little ones. Plus there is space for parents to join in or sit and relax in our comfy area.

You don’t need to have children in the school already to come to the Group (but use of this room will also give parents and children an opportunity to become acquainted with the school and staff.

To find out more please call Sue on 01600 890981.

Messy Church:

In conjunction with Wyesham Christian Fellowship we are running Messy Church on Monday 14th March (3.30pm), 11th April (2.30pm), 9th May (3.30pm), 13th June (3.30pm) and 11th July (3.30pm). We are based in Wyesham Christian Fellowship building. A map and venue details can be found here.