A Church wedding….

If you’re thinking of getting married..
Churches are very special places and in many ways a church wedding offers a unique experience unavailable elsewhere. Here are some reasons why you will want to choose ‘church’ for your special day.

A church wedding will add a spiritual dimension to your marriage as you can make amazing vows in a church.

The Vicar has a very particular role to play in your wedding, blending ancient tradition and modern experience to reflect your story. For many  people, a church  seems the proper place to get married.

A church wedding isn’t just about the big day. Whether you get married near or far from where you live, your local church will be there for you in the months and years to come and Church buildings offer outstanding beauty.

You’re welcome to marry in the Church of England whatever your beliefs. A church wedding can be as lavish or as simple as you want it to be.

‘Those whom God has joined together’


Kevin and Suzy became Mr and Mrs Parker

We wish them joy and happiness in their life together.

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