‘I am the Resurrection and the Life’

Barbara Salter, 92, from Bishopwood at Hereford Crematorium on 4th March. Phyllis Saville, 87, from Bishopswood, at FOD Crematorium on 4th March, Nora Sanders, 90 at RFDC on 19th March
Margaret Irene Brewer, 68, at Llangarron on 24th March

Dori Bolton, 98, at Hereford Crematorium on 24th March

Our thoughts and prayers are with the families

Our thoughts and prayers are with their families

In times of grief the Church is here to offer you support and comfort. We can help with funerals for loved ones whether they attended the church or not with funeral services taking place in either the Church or local Crematorium.

We work closely with local Funeral Directors and their skilled staff and are able to advise and support you on all of the different details concerning a funeral and later memorial monument.

When someone dies, a Church of England funeral is available for them in their own parish, whether they were churchgoers or not. Funerals can be held in the local church or led by a church minister in a cemetery, crematorium or green burial site. 

Within the Wye Reaches Benefice, St. Dubricius church serves the parish of Whitchurch, St. Swithins, Ganarew, St. James, Wyesham, All Saints, Bishopswood and St. Peters, Dixton.
A Church of England funeral doesn’t have to be in a church – though it can be. The church minister can lead the whole funeral service in a different place, or, a church service can be built into part of the day, wherever the funeral takes place. We can be wherever you need us to be.
Enquires about funerals in Wye Reaches churches should be directed by telephone or email to the vicar Revd. Kevin Cecil or Assistant Curate  with responsibility for funerals, Revd, Penny Powdrill who will respond to your enquiry as soon as they can.
Families who wish to have a cremation may decide to have the whole funeral at a crematorium. The service would take place in the building and the coffin would remain there afterwards for the cremation. A church minister can lead the whole service at the crematorium, or it’s possible to have part of the service at the crematorium and part of it in church.
There are several options if you choose to have a traditional burial in the ground. Burial locations that your church minister can come to include:
  • An outdoor or green burial site
  • In a cemetery or church yard
If you wish to have a traditional burial in one of the Benefice churchyards, it is essential that you discuss your wishes with the vicar at the earliest opportunity.  Some of our churchyards have very limited or even no remaining space for coffin burials, but all can provide for the burial of ashes.
Families should understand that it is forbidden  to scatter ashes in any Church of England churchyard.
Every effort is made to support families pastorally and to meet family wishes at this time of sadness and passing.
Many families leave flowers or messages and memorabilia by or around gravestones. The parish staff who have the responsibility for maintaining our churchyard in good order may need to tidy away such items that have been left for some time, perhaps every few weeks or so.
Revd Penny Powdrill 01600 714096
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