Most Christians tend to gather on Sunday to worship God. Christian Scholars suggest that the early church began meeting on Sundays after Jesus Christ was resurrected on a Sunday, or the first day of the week. Our services normally include times of sung worship (often accompanied by an organ), prayer, times of quiet, a Bible reading, an address and an opportunity to respond to what is said through responses that the congregation make (our liturgy).

You will often find us sharing Holy Communion together at our services; where bread and wine are consecrated (blessed by a priest) and shared. Some of our churches use the older ‘Book of Common Prayer’ liturgy while others use the more modern ‘Common Worship’ liturgy. You can find out what is going on in our churches here.

Sometimes we also use a more informal service pattern (our ‘Sunday Praise’ booklet); and during special festivals in the Church of England (e.g., Advent, Christmas, Easter, Harvest etc) we can use different materials and have services on different days.

Ultimately, what we use in our churches is really all about helping each of us come together to allow us to meet with the Living God.

Do not be put off from joining us – we are very welcoming and have service sheets which guide us through our services so that we all feel included.

BUT we don’t just meet on Sundays. We also meet:

On Thursday morning (10.30am St Dubricius, Whitchurch) for a simple said Holy Communion.

Our Taizé Services are reflective times of worship, giving opportunities to meet to meet with God and explore your own spirituality in a gentle and contemplative manner. In 1940, Brother Roger, a monk in Taizé, started a community that surrounded the peaceful style of prayer and worship. This style of worship he has now spread worldwide and it’s peaceful, contemplative nature has drawn millions from all over the world to practice this kind of worship. We meet at 6:00 pm, on the 2nd Friday of the month, at St Dubricius, Whitchurch, for an informal time of meditation using a simple Taizé service.

Our Night prayer (Compline) services are also enjoy because of their simple, reflective, time together; time to reflect on our days and lives and to simply offer ourselves to God. During this period we will be having Night prayer at 6pm and you can see a list of dates here.

You are always very welcome to join us whenever we worship God.