Prayer Resources

We know that Jesus himself encouraged all those who followed him to pray. Bishop Richard Jackson, the Bishop of Hereford, has said that “through prayerful engagement across many communities, villages and market towns, lives will be transformed and that more people will come to know more about Jesus Christ”.

So prayer is an opportunity for all of us to let our hearts be stirred and to explore ways that we might learn to pray.

To help you, we have produced a short leaflet which is packed full of different ways you might want to think about praying. The leaflet isn’t exhaustive and it might set you exploring different ways that might work for you.

In addition to personal prayer, we will be looking at different ways that we can be praying throughout the year together. These will include:

* Prayers said during our Sunday services.
* Our Ladies Prayer Group.
* Our monthly Taizé services.
* Our five week Lent Lunch course.
* Compline during Holy Week.
* Going on a quiet day retreat.

It is worth remembering, Jesus Christ didn’t way ‘if’ you want to pray. He encouraged us all by saying ‘when you pray‘. Hopefully we will all have some time to learn more about prayer and to encourage each other in helpful ways.