Travelling Light is a Christian Retreat Ministry, which began in 2008, is a ministry overseen by Robin and Carole who live within our benefice.

Travelling light recognises that we are all on our individual life journey; some of it we travel alone. Much of it we travel together with others. But all of it we travel with God, whether we realise it or not.

The retreat dates for 2024, all following the theme of ‘Growing Closer to God’, are as follows:

Saturday 20 April March – Through Prayer
Venue: St Dubricius, Whitchurch, NR9 6BZ.

Saturday 29 June –  Through the Bible
Venue: St. Dubricius, Whitchurch, HR9 6BZ.

Saturday 14 September – Through Silence.
Venue: St. Dubricius, Whitchurch, HR9 6BZ.

Saturday 2 November –  Through Others.
Venue: Wyesham Christian Fellowship, Wyesham, NP25 3NN.

All the retreat days run from 10am to 4pm. Booking is essential as numbers are limited. We  suggest  you book as early as possible.  Booking is by email and there is no charge for the Day Retreats but we are grateful for a donation  to help to cover the Ministry expenses.

Travelling Light runs retreats and produces reflective material, which we hope will encourage each of us on our journeys. We so often carry ‘baggage’ from the past, responsibilities and challenges in the present and apprehension about the future. We hope that through the retreats and reflective material, God will draw you closer to himself, and so help you to carry fewer burdens; and that your path in life might be illuminated by the light of Christ.

For more information please visit their website, email  or telephone: 01600 890376.

The latest ‘Travelling Light’ newsletter can be found here: