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From the Bishop of Hereford

For more than thirty years, the Diocese of Hereford has had links with Tanzania. As well as links with churches, there have been agricultural, medical and educational connections, and they have been enormously mutually beneficial.

Last month I was fortunate to be able to spend two weeks in Tanzania. Travelling with my wife and two colleagues, we visited all four of the dioceses with which we are linked. We received a wonderfully warm welcome and it privilege to spend time there.

I’m not claiming that two weeks
gives a complete understanding of
life in another country. Neither do
I underestimate for a moment the enormous pressures – economic, political, social and physical – which are faced by Tanzanians.

Nevertheless as I reflect on the visit, there is a range of thoughts with which I’m left.

Many people in Tanzania have very little, and it is an extraordinary struggle for them just to make ends meet. It would be wrong and misleading to
take a romantic and unrealistic view of their poverty. Nevertheless, there was a generosity, openness and joyfulness about their welcome to us which was deeply moving.

As for the church, the worship has a

vibrancy about it, expressed in joyful singing and reverent liturgy, which we found inspiring.

It may be a cliché, but it’s true that we are one world, whatever our national boundaries. Climate change, security, hazards to health and much more do not respect borders.

Our commitment in the UK to spending 0.7% of our national income on international aid is widely criticised.
I strongly believe such criticism is unfounded – that’s not to deny that how it is spent needs to be rigorously debated and determined. We have a moral obligation towards the poorest in the world and it is in the interests of all of us to enable all to reach their potential.

There is much to gain from interaction with other countries. I rejoice in our links with Tanzania, as I do in similar connections with the Lutheran church in Nuremburg, Germany, especially at a time when international relationships are under strain. We need each other!

It is an affirmation of other countries which can, I believe, help us to avoid the sort of arrogant nationalism which says, “My country right or wrong”, in favour of an appropriate patriotism by which we are proud of our country – and value others too.

+Richard Frith




Saturday 1 June – Friday 12 July

Adam & Eve Paintings

by Ed Kelly

Celebrated artist Ed Kelly will display his depiction of Adam and Eve in the Cathedral Nave.

Tuesday 2 July, 1.15pm

Lunchtime Organ Recital – Douglas Tang

Free with a retiring collection.

Saturday 13 July, 3.05pm

Afternoon Music Organ Recital

Come along and hear 20 minutes of relaxing music on the beautiful Father Willis organ. Admission is free and there will be a retiring collection

Sunday 14 July, 5.30pm

Evening Hour

The Evening Hour is a service of prayer for healing and time for quiet reflection at the shrine of Saint Thomas of Hereford in the north transept of the cathedral.

Tuesday 16 July, 1.15pm

Lunchtime Organ Recital – Claire Innes-Hopkins

Free with a retiring collection. Friday 19 July, 1pm

Jazz in The Garden – Whiskey River Acoustic Quartet

The popular Jazz in the Garden concert series returns to the Chapter House Garden this summer. Free with a retiring collection.

Other Services

Wednesday 12.15pm – Holy Communion

Wednesday 1.05pm – Prayers for Peace

Friday 12noon – Prayers at the Shrine of St Ethelbert


8am – Holy Communion 10am – Cathedral Eucharist 11.30am – Matins
3.30pm – Evensong


was a

Tuesday 23 July, 1.15pm

Lunchtime Organ Recital – Jed Hughes
Free with a retiring collection.

Tuesday 23 July, 7 pm

Icons in Crete at the end of
the Byzantine Empire, a talk by Peter Murphy
This talk will discuss Late- and PostByzantine icons of the Cretan Tradition, with a special focus on the Icon collection of the Institute for Byzantine and Post Byzantine Studies in Venice. Tickets are £8 and available from the Cathedral Library (01432 374 225/6)

Friday 26 July, 1pm

Jazz in The Garden – Little Rumba
The popular Jazz in the Garden concert series returns to the Chapter House Garden this summer. Free with a retiring collection.

Tuesday 30 July, 1.15pm

Lunchtime Organ Recital – James Kealey
Join us for a beautiful Lunchtime Organ Recital by James Kealey of Rochester NY, USA. Free with a retiring collection.

Wednesday 31 July, 4.15pm

It’s a Vicar’s Life Tour

Meet the historical characters who have
lived in the Cloisters on a special tour which
ends with a glass of local ale or apple
juice! Tickets are £5 and available from the Cathedral Shop (01432 374210).

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