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THE APCM MARCH 29TH 2021 BY ZOOM The following were elected;Sue Morris and Geoff Ludlow (Churchwardens), Liz Miles (Lay Co Chair), Chris Lloyd (Treasurer), Mike Miles (Assistant Treasurer & Gift Aid), Madeleine Newcombe (Secretary), Michele Moignard-Howarth (Safeguarding),Margaret Leach & Liz Miles (Deanery Synod),  Pauline Curtis, Jen Hazell, Carole Moulton, Mandy Woodward.

The meeting heard the reports from last year and Geoff was able to tell us that the Faculty to fell the Tulip Tree has been granted and work will be carried out as soon as possible. Unfortunately because of the bird nesting season, this will now be in the summer. Please be aware that the tree is diseased and nothing should be placed around it,



                     11.00  WHITCHURCH    LAY LED

13th JUNE       9.30 Dixton                    HC

                       11.00 Bishopswood        HC

20th June        9.30 Ganarew                Matins

                        11.00 Whitchurch        SP

                        11.00 Wyesham            HC

27th June        9.30 Bishopswood         SP

                       11.00 Dixton             Patronal Festival

                       11.00 Whitchurch         HC with Dedication of the green altar frontal in memory of  Gerald Leach and Martin Shaw by Bishop Anthony

EVERY THURSDAY 10.30 Holy Communion in St Dubricius

2021 at home

        Whitchurch     with Bishop Richard postponed until July 18th when The Bishop will dedicate the new chalice in memory of Stephen Borthwick at 11am